Why Hire MythReal ?

MythReal Enterprises provides technical writing, business analysis and custom software services to other businesses.  We produce finished documents,
programs and business analysis solutions for medium to large sized firms.  Our staff all have a technical background as well as a talent for writing or analysis.  
Some of us are members of the professional organizations, some have an MBA and others are professional writers with extensive knowledge of anatomy.

Our writers and analysts are capable of working directly with programmers, engineers and managers. Our staff members are skilled at fitting in with existing
technical staff at other businesses.

The benefits of out-sourcing to MythReal include quality results, reduced costs and the timely completion of projects.  Assigning a new project to  existing staff  
results in inconsistent workloads for all ready busy staff.  In most firms workload is not consistent; there's a large amount of work to be done when a new project
is introduced but at other times the workload is minimal.  During times of peak workload many companies cannot justify another full-time employee while
anticipating a subsequent down turn in workload.

When a prolonged peak in workload occurs companies delegate technical writing, business analysis and additional software development tasks to busy
engineers, managers or marketing staff.  Are you paying an engineer, sales person or manager to write a manual, code or do business analyst work?  Why not
have a professional from MythReal provide quality documents, programs and analysis for the duration of  your peak periods?  

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